Contact details

Maz Sibanda - 07904 379294

Lynne Page - 077860 38032

Jackie 07753 490026

Bev 07368 607540.


Groups and Circles.

Our Friday Awareness Group is now online through the Zoom platform. For those that haven't heard of Zoom you will need to download the program which is free, onto your computer or get the app for your tablet and put in the following code 84801884263 to attend the meeting. You wont need a password for the meeting, and it is free to attend. If you have any problems or need help with attending our Zoom awareness group then please contact Jackie 07753 490026 or Bev 07368 607540.

Friday Open and closed Circles, every Friday at 7.30pm (Starting 4th February 2022)

Friday's will now consist of two groups, one in each hall. The idea is to have an open circle where people may come and go, much like the awareness group used to be. For those that want to take their mediumship more seriously and want to make a commitment to spirit we are also running at the same time a closed circle for those that wish to become platform mediums or maybe do one to one private readings. If you'd like more information on these groups please telephone           Maz on 07904 379294 or Lynne on 077860 38032.  Admission to these groups is £3.